Lucerne – the flower of life

Lucerne is building a reputation for quality care and professionalism within the West Lothian area, for truly caring for our clients and going that little bit extra to ensure complete customer delight.

We are looking for experienced, caring individuals who want to be different, who believe that caring is a vocation, not just an occupation.

Lucerne wants people who put the needs of their clients 1st always, willing to go that extra mile – real Carers that Care. IS THIS YOU?

So why choose Lucerne?

Lucerne are different – we are task driven not clock driven when it comes to providing care.

We look at the needs of the client, not the needs of the rota.

At Lucerne, we are committed to never putting additional work onto your rota without checking with you first.

You know your run, you know your clients, who better to evaluate the service and what can be done daily. We never have two clients booked onto you at the one time. care time is precious, we use it for caring.

We want and encourage you to think of your run and your clients always. Please do take it personally, in fact, we insist you do.

At Lucerne, we have regular meetings where the views and experiences of carers are what helps us to drive forward.

The weekly working rota we have has been devised by carers. It’s different to other companies and you have a long weekend off every 2nd week.

You will be allocated to a client as their key worker and you will be present at all reviews and OT assessments etc., helping to ensure the client’s needs are met always and just as importantly, that the voice of the carers is heard.

Hopefully, by now you will be thinking that Lucerne sounds different – that’s because WE ARE DIFFERENT.

If you want to speak to our carers before joining us – please do. They are our ambassadors – they are what makes us great. Can you joining us make us even better?

We know that the only successful way to grow our business is to treat our carers with respect and acknowledge the level of professionalism within our teams.

  • Our hourly pay rate is competitive
  • Lucerne offer incentives and bonus payments to acknowledge and thank carers who regularly do more.
  • Lucerne offers a full-time contract – not zero hours after a probationary period

Happy Carers means Happy Clients. This is our mantra, this is what we at Lucerne believe. We are trying very hard to break the stigma attached to being a carer. We are professionals and should be regarded and treated as such.

We are looking for reliable full-time carers to work within West Lothian, currently, we have runs in Bathgate, Armadale, Whitburn and Livingston.

These are predominately double up runs and do require a high level of experience to enable you to complete the tasks to the required standard. Full training and supplemental training will be given.

SVQ and additional training can and will be supplemented after completion of probationary period.

We are fussy – we will not just employ anyone. We want the best, we want caring carers.

For the right carers, there are fantastic opportunities to grow and develop your skills, we will invest in you if you believe in Lucerne and what we want to achieve.

We want to be the care company of choice within West Lothian

You will be working in a small close team and will have the help and support of your colleagues at all times.

We do need car drivers and we know that fantastic caring carers are rare – Each person will be assessed on merit and availability.

Want to know more about Lucerne, please feel free to call me.

Our office number is 01506 243917

Here at Lucerne – we are not like other care companies.

We will not promise you the earth and not deliver. We are open, honest and upfront about everything we say and do.

Lucerne Your Choice, Your Life, Your Way